Saturday, January 5, 2013

Homeless Succulents

Succulents boomed a few years ago, and now crafty people and hipsters have them in wall-boxes (homemade and not), terrariums, and wreathes.  Because of the sheer variety of shapes and their utility due to their arid proclivities, I love them long time.

We bought a flat of succulents on ebay and gave them as mementos at our wedding reception.

Dubiously saran-wrapped and yet!
Wee delightfulness!

the re-potting seemed to take forever....
I put mine on the fireplace which was quite stupid, as fire dries things out at a much faster pace (duh), and the thing died.  :(

But a friend of ours had gathered up the plants orphaned at the end of our reception, took them home, fostered them in her garden, then after a few months she dug them up and gave them back to us.  :)

They are lovely.

yes, that's snow on the ground
They need a new home.  Some will go into the ground next spring, but I'd like to keep a few indoors with some herbs for a kitchen garden.  All summer long these succulents have sat in this disposable foil cake pan.  Which is fine for the banished recesses of the guest room window, but I'm sending a few to the kitchen or dining room for the southern exposure.  So I'd like to make them a bit happier.  

Ceramic planters are fun, and ceramic animal planters are a hoot.  Sherry from YoungHouseLove has a prodigious collection of them.   You can select your totem from etsy or ebay with no difficulty whatever, it's really size and budget that limits the veritable ceramic menagerie out there.    There is a bonanza of dogs and cats and mulecarts and sheep, obviously. 

Even deer,
Vintage Bambi doing Blue Steel
Or hippos.  Like hippos?
how about in blue?
From Etsy by Coastalmoss

 or vintage Japanese hippos, perhaps?

Old timey vintage ceramic animals seem to go for a lot less than Etsy ceramic animal planters.  In my quick window-shopping spree they were running the gamut of $20 bucks to $25 bucks for an awesome ceramic bull planter
From Etsy by Kitschparade

to $35 bucks for this sweet pig planter from Fruitflypie.
from Etsy by fruitflypie

I love this pig.  Do not judge me for it.
Alas, I cannot pay $35 for a ceramic animal planter.  I just can't do it.  But I totally would.

Ceramic isn't the only way to go.  When I saw this photo, I knew what I did covet this setup.
(originally from  Image from
Vintage and appealing to my yen for Fallout-style sensibilities.   "VitaPep."  It sounds fake, I love it.  

If I go tin there's a lot to choose from.  Upcycled old tea tins, most prominently, featuring floral motifs more often than not, but sometimes also birds or sailing ships.  Also old tobacco tins, or tins for curries or candies.  I like Red Owl spice tins, but they're a tad small for my taste.

Cannot remember photo source, but can be found on Ebay
These tobacco tins are fun too, but somewhat thin for my purpose. 

On Etsy by RockyMTNsteeze
Folksy Floral,
Cottage Chic
From Etsy by VintageJunkDrawerToo

I've already been surfing the internet for far too long this day.  So, I'm looking for some planters.  Some for herbs.  Some for some succulents.  I'm into the inexpensive, and not averse to simple DIY.  

Any ideas?