Saturday, February 2, 2013

Succulent Homes

Last time we spoke of a new home for some of the cake-pan-bound succulents.

This is where they have been living, by the window in the guest room.

This photo was taken around 2pm, and it still isn't getting much in the way of natural sunlight.  This is why I take them outside for direct sunlight every once in awhile.

I bought a vintage tin for a planter on ebay. 
It was 5 bucks.   

I like it, I do, and it goes with the kitchen, but it's all wrong.  I'm thinking I'll put something taller and fluffier in there.  Cilantro, or basil.  However, and let this be a testament to my laziness, tins have to be prepared before you plant in them or they will surely rust.  I doubt oxidation can be stopped indefinitely, but Apartment Therapy once advised applying nail polish to the bottom to slow down rust. This is just to slow down the process, I'm sure, to keep the tins a bit longer.

But because I didn't like the succulent in there anyway, that project is going on hold.  

Serendipitously, D and I ended up going antiquing last weekend when my parents came down from the north for a visit.  And there I picked up a mini chalice made of solid and heavy marbled stone (marble? maybe?).    Solid. Cute. Safe to get wet.  Sold : $5. 

I cannot imagine anyone drinking from this thing. 
And then there is the teeny, adorably kitschy cat planter I purchased off of ebay.

And we've got some new homes for my succulents.

with room to grow!
The bathroom gets great natural light almost all day long but because our bathroom is tiny, and so is the window ledge, I hadn't thought we could take advantage of that natural light.  But my Vintage 1960's Napcoware planter ended up being smaller than I had anticipated.  So small that it fits the ledge like it was made for it.  That's a happy kitty.

another happy kitty in the background here
Well, that's two down.