Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 More Days

D & I close on the new house July 1st.  A place of our own, a bit of earth, our brick baby.  

It's a place where the distance between my workspace and Max’s catbox shall be greater than 2 feet.  Where I can soon garden (hooray!), unlike our apartment's tree-swarmed patio that currently gets a maximum 1 hour of sun per day.  Our absurdly big cats will have more space to terrorize each other.  Wood floors to dance on...  ahhh.  Trick or Treaters at the door in the fall, enough space for a tree at Christmas. 

I feel a heady, thrumming enthusiasm stirring. Somethings coming, and I don't know what the outcome will be.  It’s almost time for closing, time to seal the deal.  My feelings about real estate are somewhat tempered by mistrust and past disappointments.  It's been a long road to here though.  A road lined with
a carnival tour of fun-houses with too many staircases, scary basements, tilting floors, bizarre floorplans, overly-imaginative carpentry, rusted-out support beams, devious and unscrupulous sellers, etc. etc. 

Now the day fast approaches and soon we get the keys to our circa 1955 brick baby.  I want to do right by this house.  I want it to be part of the family.  I want the cats to be happy there, and I want to open my home to gatherings of our friends and (visiting) family.  Apartment life has been a little quiet and lonely.  I’m ready for the next step.  

Our missions : 
*House rehab in the form of 
Asbestos removal 
Door frame replacement
Dishwasher installation
Basement de-uglification
Basement pub reclamation
Landscaping to control water intrusion to de-uglified basement
Concrete obliteration
* Gardening
* Budgeting (har har)
* Enjoying life in the Queen City

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