Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ogunquit 2, 450am

(I wrote this post in June and never posted it.)

Yes, you read that title correctly.

At around 430am (suspend disbelief if you can), on Saturday during our vacation (months back), we roused ourselves from the black depths of the slumber of those who have eaten and drunk far too much the night before at a piano bar.  

As it was also our belated anniversary, we brought with us not only our cameras and coats, but also a bottle of bubbly.

The predawn was absolutely beautiful along the Marginal Way.  

We hurried, inconspicuous bottle in hand.

We were looking for something in particular,

on the morning of this particular day.

To mark all of the beauty and promise of their new beginning, 

at 515am on the day of their wedding, 

we sat on a boulder by the sea, 

at the edge of a day, and also of a brave and wonderful new journey,

and captured a moment in their history.  

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