Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fail (Year 2)

All Hallow's Eve.  I love Halloween.  As a kid, of course I did.  The candy.  The pageantry.  The candy.  And the cartoons (candy candy candy!).  But as an adult I rediscovered the awesomeness of Halloween through new eyes.  No, not the eyes of a child but through the eyes of a former colleague, a Japanese man experiencing his first Halloween.  Every time he opened his door he was so completely and genuinely bowled over.  

"Aww, you're an alien!"  "Oh man, I love batman!"  "Are you a carton of milk??? Oh wow!"  

And really, how awesome is it that we as a nation come together to celebrate making robot suits out of cardboard boxes, or applaud dads who transform wheelchairs into ice cream trucks?  

are those... robot boobies?  (a)
Yeahhhh baby, you like mah ride?  (b)

I had hoped that this year's Plan B would trump last year's heartbreak, eagerly watching out the windows for trick-or-treaters who would never come.  I thought hey, let's go to one of the local squares, have dinner and watch the boys and ghouls in all their finery.  Oakley Square.  Bullet Proof.  

wah wah.  

We did see three or four teenagers in outfits.  But maybe they dress like that nowadays.  
Three or four total is still a total improvement over last year.  Seems the rain and chill wind kept a lot of kids from covering the ground they normally could.  Frown.  Maybe if the weather was nicer we'd have seen more, or maybe trick-or-treaters don't cross Oakley Square as much as I'd imagined.  I'll need to have a think about next year.  How can I see people* in costumes when they don't come to our block?  Ideas? 

I don't mean watching Cats or Thriller.  Although I should totally watch Thriller, as I have yet to do so this season.  I mean Kids, in costume.  Obviously.  Not people in general.  Because this is wholesome.  Your child is a cat.  Bam.

Look at this.  Adorable.  (1)

Grown people in costumes?  No.  
Do not bring to my door.  No. (2)  
This appeals to some people, but it's not something I enjoy looking at.  
Now, cats in costumes, by contrast, are pretty enjoyable.  

Apparently this is Anne of Green Gables (3)
I mean, which would you rather look at?  
More of this stuff.  Yeah. 

hee hee hee hee (4)

Wow.  this post was 10% content and 90% tangent.  
Sorry about that.  Next time:  Fall Colors

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