Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cricket and Bob

Cricket, The Cat Under the Deck

Previously I posted about the cat that was living under the deck.  I had high hopes that this would mean we would feed and love on her, and in return she would keep vermin out from under the deck and deter groundhogs.  This has not happened.  I hope she has not had a negative impact on our resident lazarus lizards, but the groundhog is large as life and undeterred by her presence.  
We call her Cricket, and she's sooo sweet.  She is obviously a dumped cat, because she's certainly not feral.  She comes when called and just begs for you to pet her.  We were quite torn about Cricket.  It's going to get colder. Wetter.  Do we let Cricket inside when it gets cold?  We already have two cats.  And what about the dog we're trying to get? 

Max & Cricket
 The answer is no.  Not yet, at any rate, but just no at this point.  We've cracked the door to let the cats sniff each other, but nothin' doin'.  The boys are wary, and either she hisses at them or they hiss at her, which starts a hissy, growl-y spiral at which point we give up and shut the door.  Maybe we'll make a cat-house for her for the winter.  Carve a hole in a rubbermade container and put it on the front porch with a blanket.  Or something.  

Cricket's nap spot
I think our animal plate is full, frankly. 

 We drove three hours round trip to a far away to bust this dog out of prison and bring him home.

We like Bob. I really like Bob.  We entertained thoughts of changing his name, but that's out of the question.  He responds to "Bobby," so that's what we're calling him now.  He was trained by convicts, and though he's high distracted with all the new stimuli he's done so well.  We made certain to walk him and ran through some obedience commands before we let him into the house.  We forced him to be calm and quiet, and Max went right up to him, sniffed him, and seemed to say, "okay."  Yuuki is not so easily convinced, but nor did he hiss.  Not once.  Max was hanging out with the dog after we put him in his crate last night.  He even rubbed up against the doggie.  

Things look promising. 

This is after he threw up in the back seat

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