Saturday, March 17, 2012

While the D's Away, the H Will ... languish on sofa, apparently

D was gone on a business trip for a week.  Oh, the plans!  The plans I had!

Alas, I caught a sickness and spent the week exhausted, eating canned soup instead of experimental home-cooked meals, watching a marathon of Battlestar Galactica with the dog while dosing myself with cold meds and wishing I had less to do at work so that I could take some sick days.  I'm much better, but still a bit run down.
And no longer home alone.  What a rotten shame.

Bobby makes me fastforward through all BSG scenes focusing on blonde Slut-bot

I was going to have this thematic week of fresh-veg meals with mushrooms and tomatoes.  A pizza.  A salad.  A fritata.  I was struck with a desire to eat fresh veg when D pulled up a bit of our lawn and chewed on it.  True story.  We were surveying the front yard, taking note of a possible bulb coming up, and at the corner of the lawn were bits of very green, long curlicuing blades.

"What is that?"  I asked.  David walked over, stooped without pausing, and ripped a handful away.
"Hey!" I complained, right before he put it in his mouth and tore off bits with his teeth.  He savored my dumbfounded expression for a moment before he let me know, "it's green onion," and offered me some.  I took it, sniffed it, and bit off a teeny cud of my own. 

By George, it was. 

What a lovely, edible surprise!  Of course, seeing as how its in the front yard by the sidewalk, it was probably peed on by all the neighborhood dogs.  I washed them before I made D a pre-flight lunch with them. This bean/tomato/onion salad was the only "cooking" I did all week.  And its not "cooked."  Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Thar be green onion in thar
That's pretty much the extent of all productivity for the week.  No cooking, cleaning, dancing, nothing.

"Whut? You like what you see?"

I was well enough to spend the gorgeous St. Patty's Day at Ault Park!  If you're a Cincy local, go.  Go now.  It's a beautiful day!

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