Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cincy Chainsaw Massacre

D had developed himself a taste for wielding chainsaws.  Now it is true that D hated this tree and this shrub, and has said so ever since we bought the house.  It is also true that D didn't hate them nearly as much as our neighbors did.  But I think that he also just really wanted to swing a chainsaw again.  

Honeysuckle had nearly taken over a tree and a shrub in the backyard.  These photos don't do justice to the foofy mess it was.  In fact the first photo is one I took only after D began slicing messy bits off with a borrowed chainsaw (thanks dad).  And I can't find a before photo of the shrub at all.  But you can get an idea for the giant mess it creates to fell a tree in your backyard.   

*photo quality isn't great.  this was at dusk and the light changed constantly.  

I am continuously carrying away branches at this point
Piles of branches like this

Which we dragged over to the side of the yard into a pile so high the neighbor's garage has almost vanished.

he's lovin it

I'm a lumberjack!

Under all that honeysuckle there was a tree that I misidentified.  I had remembered the elder neighbor talking about how this yard had had an olive tree in it.  Well, the leaves are so obviously different that we knew right away that this was not the same tree.  We used a website to help identify the leaves by their shape and variegation and whatnot, and discovered that we have ourselves a mulberry tree.  

The mulberry tree that remains
It leans quite a bit.  We're not sure if this tree can survive either.  But we'll wait and see. 

And there was a shrub here that was so big, that it blocked the view of the neighbor's house almost entirely. But in a Wild Kingdom overgrown sort of way.  I don't mind the screening effects of plants.  In fact, even though the yard does look more tidy, if I'm perfectly honest,  I miss it a bit.  I feel ... exposed.  

We always had to get rid of it because the plan was to plant a vegetable garden.  But still... we look out of our back windows and see neighbors.  



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