Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Groundhog?

Once the rain abates, D and I have to immediately drop what we're doing and get outside.  Now that we have a yard, there's a big old list of things that seem to require our attention outside right this minute.  And somethings call for that attention more urgently than others. 

Yeah.  Last year our yard was plagued by a visitor that tore up a healthy tomato plant in two visits.  He was living under the deck, we think.  

That's right, Bobby, you've got him cornered
 So the day we heard from our neighbors that a groundhog had been sighted in our yard, D brought out last year's cage and put a tomato in it.  

The very next day, 

the sent of this ugly fella fairly drove the dog mad.  He wanted so fiercely to play with this thing.  
Not real bright, our Bobby.

The neighbor asked, "did you take it to a park and let it go or something?"  
"Ah... something."  D replied.  

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