Sunday, March 10, 2013

Release the Bobbins!

If we had to lose an hour this weekend, at least we got some fantastic (and unseasonably) warm weather to soften the blow.  

Finally we're getting more sunlight.  It couldn't have been sooner for Yuuki, who manages to find every ray of sunlight that he can put into contact with his body.  

We took advantage of the warm weather to get some outside work done.  While I cleaned out the flower bed and cleared the dead leaves from the coral bells, D installed the screen doors on our new french doors.  

"do you like French Doors?"  "Yes I do, mom!" 

Its pretty exciting.  We had two doors replaced recently.  One of them was a door which wasn't even an external door, and the windows in it were painted over sloppily with streaks of off-white paint.  The frame was a tad messed up too.  But now!!  

canine oriented anti-escape devices by gate

The back door that we replaced, shown here sideways for some reason, had a rotting frame, one side didn't open, and the doorknob was in the worst possible orientation for the rest of the room.  

Ok, oddly enough I cannot find a single photo of the old doors.  They were ugly and the cats were always entangling themselves in the blinds, and the door handle was by the wall kind of blocked by the table.  

And then one magical day, men came and brought me this gift.  (I jest, it was not a gift, we're still paying in installments)  And its lovely. And both sides open.  
And now?  Now!?  Screens!!

The animals love smelling the air and hearing the birds.  I love having some fresh air in this place.  Max hasn't sharpened his claws on the screen yet, which is why he's still alive and walking around.   

These are Bobby's first french doors.  Yup.  

In the first five minutes Bobby had run blithely through one of the screens, knocked it off the track and sent it bouncing onto the deck.  D re-installed it and introduced Bobbins to the mechanics of the screen door.   


D escorted Bobby inside, went back outside, shut the screen door, called him from outside, and had to throw up his arms fast to shield himself as the screen door exploded off of its hinges again. 

It's a work in progress.

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