Sunday, March 17, 2013

Concrete Floor Paint

You may remember the basement floor at our house.

When we bought the house we inherited some lovely asbestos tile and exposed carcinogenic mastic.   

Because the cracked and cracking tiles were an absurd mess, and also because, you know, cancerous, we had the tiles professionally removed.  What remained was also a hideous mess of stained floor.  Even after mopping, it looked/looks perpetually dirty.  

It's not great.  

We've covered it with some surplus area rugs and it's not so bad.  Look, it's a basement.  We're not going to drop a bunch of money to remake our basement into ... into something that costs a lot of money.  

Still, we're down here daily to work out, check on the Home Brew, do laundry, or to escort Bobby to his cave (his crate), and we'd like to use utilize the space even more in the future.  Since we're not likely to do that until we tone down this gross factor of the basement... 

How about: Concrete Paint?  

Yes, this is after mopping
first swaths of paint
Before and After : behind the "bar"

in front of the "bar"

I hate to speak too soon, but to my mind this experiment has definitely succeeded.  I can't tell you how much the basement has brightened up, to say nothing of how clean it looks now.

One can seems to cover quite a lot of ground.
And when I say "cover," I mean there's a lot of square footage out of one single can of concrete paint.  I made certain to vacuum and mop the floor pretty thoroughly before the paint went down, and I've got to say, the coverage looks pretty good.    
But do I need two coats?
How important is a sealer? Does that depend on the brand?

This requires some investigation...


Merle Brovont said...

Painting your concrete floors by yourself? You must have a lot of patience. It’s not an easy task, to being with, since you have to clean it thoroughly before applying the paint. But by the looks of the result, you seem to have enjoyed it, which is what matters. I hope this helps, but using a sealer would be a good finishing touch to your concrete floor. It wouldn't just protect the concrete, but enhance its color and texture also.

_ Merle Brovont @

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