Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lazarus Lizards

It was a rough spring for allergy sufferers in the Cincy area.  I think I may count myself among their ranks if next spring feels as abysmally bad as this year.  Sinus thing became a sinus infection, turned into an ear infection, turned into bronchitis.  

Like I said: a rough spring.  

But now for something completely different.

The Lazarus Lizards are back!

 A flash of movement out of the corner of your eye, and then!  

Wee dinosaurs!
look at his wee velociraptor feet!

you see it, right?

Please stay, and procreate, and eat ALL of the insects.  Thank you.
"Clever girl"

In addition to watching the lazarus lizards scoot around,  
see what I did there?
this Quite-Contrary-Mary has been watching her garden grow.  
But that's a post for another time.  

Velociraptor from :
Villainous Victorian Velociraptor from: Shirt.Woot


Dexter said...

I sure wish we had some Lazarus lizards in our backyard! And yes, I'd be nice to them.

O-Town HD said...

So you say, kitty. But I've met kitties. Kitties hunt lizards.