Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Unblooming Iris (Part 2)

We had to skip town for some urgent family stuff.  Urgent family stuff takes a bit of the wind out of your sails.  Goes without saying, I guess. 

We got home, exhausted and smelly, and I was immediately and illogically cheered by what greeted me. 
surprisingly un-purple, in a pinkish way

Not bad, as payoffs go.

I love the colors and textures.  The fuzzy + the veiny + the ruffles. 

It was such a pleasure to just sit outside with my coffee and admire what nature and science has so lovingly crafted.  

But that's not all.  
Orange photobomb

This is another first for this O-Town Gardener.

It is one year old,

And my poppy has popped.
 One of 3 poppies survived the planting.  It didn't flower last year, but it's clearly quite productive this year.

The pods are all cute and fuzzy like baby tomatoes.
pods pods pods
I bought the poppies as a multipack of seedlings, so the orange is a surprise.  But I don't mind the pop of orange.  My garden isn't all match-ey match-ey and the same color.  That's all right with me.  

Perennials might require more time and patience, but there are some great surprises along the way.  

Annuals are for chumps.

Maybe that's too harsh.  But just look at this show!

In the beginning perennials are teeny.  In the first year you wonder if they are sick or dying.  And you lose a few.  I've certainly lost a few.  But Perennials are awesome.  You plant one year and the next year they come back to you.   

Looking as fresh and gorgeous as ... well, THIS.

A much-needed pick-me-up. 


Aaron Dalton said...


Not sure annuals are for chumps. I like some self-sowing annuals (Cosmos bipinnatus, zinnias, French marigolds, etc.)

But in general, I'm right there with you on the virtues of perennials.

And shrubs.

And trees. :)

O-Town HD said...

When I rented, I had great luck with coleus. And I am seriously curious about Verbascum. Perennials won me over because they are just such troopers, you know? But the way my garden looks right now? I can see the simple beauty in scrapping a plan that hasn't come together the way you expected. Just start fresh the next year!