Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Befores & Afters: the Break-Up Edition

I had this big list of projects that I wanted to complete prior to actually moving into the house.  Well, that list is a lot shorter than it used to be.  Somehow everything is taking twice as long as I expected.  … That's untrue, D’s first project is a wrap.  Behold, the concrete demolition. 
(Before:  Time shifted this concrete sidewalk into a diagonal grade that sent all rainwater splooshing directly into the side of the house.  We think that directly caused the evidence of water intrusion in the basement.  We knew it would have to be broken up before it caused any further damage.)

(Raaaahr.  Behold, as D destroys the offending concrete with his mighty sledgehammer!) 

This is some fine work done by D.  He has a lot to be proud of, including the pain in his back and the blisters on his hands.  This is not the entire pile, this was a shot of the pile halfway through the process.  It's much bigger now.  Now the next step is to either make something useful out of the leftover fragments of concrete, or haul it all away.  I don’t want to pay the dump to take it, I’d rather use the pieces to make a border around some of the trees in the yard or something.  The only caveat to using them as a border is that some fragments are quite sharp.  Any other ideas would be welcome! 

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Anonymous said...

Tell D that I'm very impressed with his concrete breaking skills!