Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cheap plastic junk ruins everything


Kitty Ying-Yang
All the unpacking and de-junking has worn the kitties out.

Monday we trucked more crap out of the apartment and returned the key to the storage unit.  Last night was supposed to be dedicated to unpacking/de-junking/craigslisting/lawn-mowing.  

We had to halt the unpacking operation yesterday.  D was mowing the lawn for the first time with our brand new mower (fresh outta the box), when the wheel popped off.  The plastic had sheared off, making it impossible to put back on.  So we had to go to go back to Lowe's.  They replaced it though, at a discount.  Considering we'd only owned the thing two days, I think that was the right thing for them to do.  Makes us like them more than we would have if they had been difficult about it. 

Still, we had to wait around while they found people to get us a replacement mower.  This killed almost the entire night.  So much for progress.

Tomorrow : The Thief in the Nighttime.

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