Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Befores & Afters : Paint Edition

Yuuki is still getting accustomed to things. 

Pantry Cat is learning about the food attic

So I wanted to show some shots of the painting work that we've accomplished.  This took so much longer than I anticipated, but the results are drastic.  Indeed, the correct word is "drastic."
The master bedroom was a shade of green that I believe we can call "un-restful."  
Don't get me wrong, I like green.  Kermit the frog?  Love him.  Somehow though, this color managed to have a sick-looking quality to it.  It even managed to detract from the fabulous wood floors.  And since the floors are in great condition that means it was just a really ugly color.  In the photo it manages to look a bit more calmed down, but in reality it was less Agave more Technicolor-Mint-Ice-Cream-Hell.  It was not very conducive to either relaxation or sleep, both of which I wish to do in this bedroom.  I don’t want an “energizing” bedroom, I want to wind down in here.  There’s no tv in here, we sleep and read books in here and that’s all (all that I will mention on this blog, thank you very much). 

The paint took forever because we primed it first (I didn't want an undertone of sick green in here).  This at first seemed more blue than I would have liked. But its really grown on me.  It looks pretty good, I have to admit.  I had wanted a grey color, but I compromised with D.  I'm glad. 
We still have a dearth of furniture. 
I also ended up compromising with him on the kitchen color, god help me. 

It wasn't special, but the color was an adequate tone, nothing to dislike or like really. 


D has always been talking about a red kitchen.  The change after we painted was so shocking that I couldn't speak.  Did I like it, he asked.  No I did not like it, is what I did not say.  Sitting in the brown living room and looking into the kitchen makes you feel like a peeping tom because its almost as if you’re looking into another house entirely.  The transition, to me, is jarring.  D told me matter of factly that there needs to be a marked transition because, after all, "it’s another room.”  

I've had a week to get used to it now.  It doesn’t look awful.  It goes well with the white and black. I'm not entirely settled on it.  D loves it.  shrug.  You can see the fridge has moved, the new dishwasher has been installed (thanks dad) and there's the wooden frame D is trying to build because cabinetry is darned expensive.  I think there is a re-store somewhere in the area that sells cast offs from contracting jobs etc.  Maybe we'll get lucky...

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