Friday, July 15, 2011

The Fated Fortune Cookie

Cincy seems to have a lot to offer.  All sorts of events and things I’d like to go to.  Why just last weekend there was a neighborhood fair right here in O-Town, getting people out in the square to eat, drink, be merry, and socialize with their neighbors. 

Oh, we weren’t there.  No, we didn’t actually know about it.  There certainly were no flyers up, no banners.  I guess it was word of mouth?  No, we spent that night at home on the couch watching Sucker Punch.  I was bummed about the missed opportunity.  And D would have rather been anywhere else, I can tell you. 

This happens a lot.  I never seem to notice that there is an opportunity to be had to meet people or do something fun until the opportunity has past.  Well, we don't watch cable, and I only barely glance at the morning news for the weather report.  So really the problem is that opportunity hasn't made itself so blatantly apparent that I walked face-first into it Obviously I have to go out and meet people.  As an introvert I find it that much more difficult to strike up conversations with people I do not know, without looking desperate or making a nuisance of myself.  It makes me so uncomfortable, complete with wringing hands.  Yesterday I went out to a local watering hole to multi-task eating and attempting to be social.  I sat at the bar, opened my ears, and tried to socialize. 

This was the result.
Not a fail, because just look at my architectural achievement.  But not a win either.  I definitely need to be more patient.  I went home in inebriated defeat and played Mahjong while watching Best Little Whorehouse in Texas on Youtube. 

But I am (strangely) optimistic, because of a serendipitous message. 

Okay, this is not genius, nor do I believe this to be some fated fortune cookie.  No, this is just some needed encouragement. 

This weekend is the St. Cecilia Parish Festival.  (I know this because there is a banner proclaiming that fact right outside the church that I often drive by)  I’m going to make time this weekend to go to this, and try to meet people in this community.  This is complicated (of course!), because this is the big moving weekend, complete with helpers (finally!), but I’ll make it a priority somehow. 

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