Saturday, July 2, 2011

Home Ownership

D and I are off and running in the adventure of home ownership.  It's a good old house.  It's also quite different.  I love it.  There is this whole new cast of supporting characters.  Some are good.  Like this fantastic maple.  Some are not good. 

This is the fossilized version of Little Shop of Horrors on the side of the house.  Little fibrous roots have burrowed into the brick.

This is what it looks like after I attacked the Audrey-II with a wire scrub brush and determination.  My determination waned after the first few scrubs.  The dust and debris that got kicked up was like a cloud that went right for the eyes and choked me up.  I had to get my old safety goggles and a respirator mask.  The wall is only a quarter of the way done, but it is not fun.  I'm not looking forward to round 2.  As you can see, these two photos are sideways.  I'm pretty much sideways at this point too. 
More to come soon.  But its been a long day, and we're all tuckered out.

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