Thursday, August 25, 2011

Asbestos-Free for One Week

The truth is, I just couldn't find the photos to post them.  Because I couldn't find my camera.  Then I found my camera, and the photos weren't on them.  Where were the photos?  Then I remembered that I hadn't been able to find the camera after the asbestos was removed either.  All the photos were taken on my phone.  So they're all grainy and gritty.  But that lends realism to this otherwise glamorous coverage of our lavish estate. 

Floors were still wet.  Like the grid feel?

 Blehh.  At least its not toxic anymore.  Although you probably couldn't convince anyone breathing the air in this house that they weren't getting a chemical high.  The next step is coating the floors.  Epoxy or Paint.  I'm told that we shouldn't need something as tough/pricey as an epoxy because we're not going to be giving it the kind of wear a garage might see, dropping heavy tools onto the surface.  Hm.  But if its durable, doesn't that just mean we won't have to do it again?  That has appeal to me, definitely. 

This is more what the floor looks like now.  What the "X" is, I'm not sure I want to know...

The contractors' equipment scratched up the stairs leading into the basement.  Not that they looked fantastic before, but now they definitely have to be repainted. 


Also visible are the mineral deposits on the wall.  Yup.  Classy.

D discovers he has walked into my shot and tries to escape, to no avail
It's been a week and the solvent smell is still present when you walk in the door.  I think I'm going to try something tonight, maybe get some fans going down there or something.  D isn't sure we should coat the basement floor this weekend if there is still a lingering presence of the solvent on the floor.  I am inclined to agree.  This means that we juggle our plans a bit.  I think we just wash the floors this weekend, cover them with the carpet remnants, and move the crap back into the basement.  It will mean we'll have to coat the floor in stages when we finally get around to it, but we really can't wait.  As of this weekend we will have one week until the labor day event at our house.  Event with guests. We are out of time. 

PS: Among other things, I wanted to make this plum tart  if I got the chance this weekend.  I'm not sure that will happen.  Our basement plans looked dashed anyway, so I'm trying to talk D into a fun-packed Cincy Sunday.  The Cleopatra Exhibit is only open for about one more week, and also this Sunday is the fourth Sunday of the month, meaning its the day of the MainStrasse Antique Market Day

4th Sunday Mainstrasse Antiques

And Ale Fest in Dayton is this Saturday!

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