Monday, August 8, 2011

Edible Adventures: the plum cake

Bleh, my admiration for Fresh Market produce is tempered

I said I'd do it.  While D was at Aikido, I tried my hand at Savory Sweet Life's Plum Cardamom Cake. I found myself off to a bad start.  5 out of 8 plums had blackened flesh.  They looked gross and I don't know if this is acceptable plum flesh, but it is not acceptable plum flesh to me.  So I almost gave up, because I didn't want to go back to the store.  But we had strawberries.  So then I almost just made a strawberry cake.  But then I thought, what the hey, and I forged on with strawberries in place of the plums I might have used. 

Strawberries to supplement plum shortage
I recommend this batter be eaten on its own.  Because its tasty.

Actual steam from molten fruits

 It's good.  No question.  Not overly sweet, the spice isn't overpowering (though I did cut the cardamom by half a teaspoon in the cakebatter).  I think I skimped on the fruit, as I only had three small-ish plums and one cup of cut strawberries.  It would have been fantastic with a glass of chai.  Even better with a custard or a vanilla bean ice cream or something to supplement the spice. Hopefully next time I'll be better served by my bounty of aesthetically pleasing plums. 

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