Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Doggie Elimination ... ew, not that kind.

This weekend we are going to make the acquaintance of a dog.  He is one of two dogs that we are currently considering adding to our family.  They are both young but not puppies (not puppies exactly).  They are both from rescues.  This process of internet shopping for dogs makes me feel a wee bit weird.  You meet them on the day you take them home.  No matter how glowingly they are praised in the write-up, you could bring them home and find happiness or find it's nothing but turds.  So, it's like we're surfing for an internet bride.  I guess. 

Anyway, the doggies.  One has no tail, and no explanation on where it went.  He is socialized to people, dogs, and cats.  He is proportedly calm and sweet and does not chew on stuff.  Looking at his photos, he has the best doggie smile!  I am a sucker for a good doggie smile.  Just look at this one!   This one too.  Or something more subtle?   Ok, I'll stop, but seriously, I recommend that you just google "doggie smile" and enjoy yourself.  It brightened my day. 

Having no tail has probably reduced his chances of being adopted.  I was kind of weirded out too, because I'd had no idea he was an amputee. (or, you know, was born that way).  Will the neighborhood kids tease my dog for not having a tail?!  I don't know.  How can we tell if he's playing with the cats, or with us, or if he's unhappy, without seeing the tell-tale wagging tail?  It's like sign language without hands!  But if he's as good as his foster mommy says, it shouldn't be an issue. 

The second dog has never been around cats (as far as we know). It'll be more difficult to socialize him to them, as he hasn't already been exposed to them.  It will either make for a much more difficult transition period or it won't be any problem at all.  We won't know until we meet him.  This dog is currently serving 8 weeks in prison, being house and obedience trained by convicts (similar to this program).  He looks fluffy and his coloring is gorgeous, and, supposedly, he will be obedience trained.  Can't beat that!  We cannot see him until he completes his training.  His "graduation day" is slated to fall on my birthday. 

    Jack wasn't at the rescue dog event on Sunday.  We decided to swing by and visit him, see how he was doing.  It's pretty obvious that he's been adopted.  D and I didn't say anything, just held hands and left the event.   

So we aren't sure which way things will go.  This weekend's visit will help us find out if Doggie # 1 is a good fit for our family.  A doggie will be good company.  I've been a little discouraged lately in my whole, "getting to know cincy" endeavor.  I got some advice on how to meet people.  Someone said I should look in the "platonic" section of Craigslist's Personals. 

Thanks for the Heebie-Jeebies

 No. Way.

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