Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Asbestos Den

 These are the lovely heuchera I bought from the garden center.   

Twenty Dollah.  They love me long time. (ideally. they are perennial.)
Potted, Day 2, haven't killed it yet. 
 I was checking on the ones I potted the day before, you know, making sure I hadn't already killed them.  And I caught a glimpse of this over the porch railing, looming upward inappropriately.  Yikes.

What the... phallus?
Yes, it looks like our basement is blowing a condom balloon.  One more day of work and the contractors should be done. Today they are laying the solvent, and then we will be asbestos free, environmentally friendly. 
Yesterday this was the entry to our basement.  I can't wait to see what it looks like.  Although, it'll probably be gross.  If it is we are just planning to go to the Re-Store in Cinci to get some giant/ugly/cheap carpet remnants.  Or, if its hideous beyond all tolerance, we'll have to epoxy the floor right away.  Fingers crossed. 

Our Asbestos Den.  Won't you come in?

The cats were locked in the office all day with D, who worked from home. This morning it was stuffy and smelled like moist cat food this morning. Mm, liver flavored.  We give them the moist food when we feel guilty.  True statement.  Normally they have the run of the whole house, and the office has only one perch by a single window.  But yesterday, and today, they are unable to terrorize eachother with stalking and ambushing, as they are wont to do, plus the fact that they couldn't get away from eachother, it's probably like Meowshwitz to them. 


Anonymous said...

I love that you have coral bells. My grandmother had them in her garden, so they always make me think happily & nostalgically of her. :D

O-Town HD said...

I love them too. I'm going to by different kinds next year and add to my collection (unless I kill them all). I still don't have them in the ground, but as soon as we finish the trenching on the side of the house, they'll finally have a home!